Girl, you’ve got this!


Dear Maya,

If anyone would’ve asked us where we would’ve been in 4 years, I might have said “Graduating high school and going to Full Sail University to study music production”. I guess high school really does change people because we are far from that. Maya, you’re going places, just not the places you planned. Spending 6th-8th grade in a performing arts school made you believe that singing was your passion but it was just a facade. Of course, you can sing but it’s just a hobby. Cooking is your true passion. It makes you happy, and fills you with joy. Stick with it and keep going. In high school, you learned a lot. You gained and lost friends but I promise it’s okay. It just wasn’t meant to be You got played by guys but learned the game in the process.

giphy (5)

And girl guess what? You found yourself. It took a while but you did it. You finally realized that you have been the beautiful, talented and intelligent girl people always said you were. Your independent now. You’ve got two jobs, participate in a volunteer program and help at home, all while maintaining a 3.4 GPA. Oh, and congrats on your acceptance to The Pennsylvania College of Technology and Johnson and Wales University! All that hard work in school has finally paid off. Also, prom is coming up. Don’t forget to slay the night away. No matter what you wear, you’ll be gorgeous.


Maya, when I tell you you’re on you way to being someone great, it’s the truth. Your life has been great so far. Of course there has been some bumps in the road, but that’s just apart of life. All you have to do is continue to strive for greatness and be yourself. I promise it will make you a happier person when it is all said and done.




Maya  16’


3 thoughts on “Girl, you’ve got this!

  1. Drika jones says:

    Awwww maya baby… This is wonderful. I want to wish u the best on your journey to sucess. Strong black independent lady.



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