Who is Maya?

Hi Peoples!!!!!!!! I’m Maya P. Davis from New Jersey. I never would’ve thought that starting a blog would interest me but apparently… it does. I have always loved writing, food, and fashion so why not combine all three.  I honestly don’t know how to explain myself  so I’ll let Urban Dictionary do it.

  1. Maya- The most beautiful, angelic, ambrosial, enticing, gorgeous, enamoring, pretty, amazing, lovely, lovable, and wonderful girl anyone could ever met. The girl any guy would dream about spending their life with.
  1. Maya- A beautiful, smart woman. She loves texting and going on the internet, but at the same time she LOVES the outdoors. She loves water, pools, oceans, lakes you name it. If you don’t find Maya in the garden, cooking, texting, bike riding, or at the pool, she is probably reading a book. Maya’s are beautiful inside and out, never hurt a Maya for she will never forgive you. Maya’s don’t let things go. If you are lucky enough to get a Maya never let her go, treasure her forever!
  2. Maya-  Extremely exotic and beautiful, Mayas have a dream-like effect. She mesmerizes with her crazy, wild, mysterious aura. Mayas are modest and sensitive to others but are not liked by girls, who are intimidated/jealous. They are true in relationships but know a million boys would die to date them. When a Maya is in love, that is all she thinks of but she doesn’t get hurt easily cuz she knows what she’s worth. Mayas express themselves through creativity like dancing. A Maya is naughty and fiery, SHE CAN’T BE TAMED.

So…….Yeah that’s me. I’m Maya and I’m crazyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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