Party Princess

Red solo cups litter the floor,

My friends don’t think it’s fun but I want more.

My friends don’t think it’s fun but I want more.

More juice, more jams, more blunts to pass around.

More keg stands, more fights, and more puke on the ground.

My mom warned me about this type of stuff but of course, I didn’t listen

So now I’m doing body shots off my best friend in the kitchen.

In the corner of the basement is a couple kissing.

All the single people at the party just don’t know what they’re missing.

Three girls dancing on the bar they love the attention.

You have to show boobs is what they forgot to mention.

The frat guys are proud because their party is great.

The potheads are in the corner blowing down on an eighth.

The crackheads are in the back snorting up a storm

The alcoholics are in the middle dancing til dawn.

The toilet is flooded and the music is loud.

The cops are outside the entire house is a crowd.

The whole room is drunk

and maybe even high

but none of our sins make the time go by.

The lights flashing around us and we just rage on.

Just to get back to our dorms at a quarter before dawn.

To wake up the next day with a headache it sounds harsh

But our fun did not seem very sparse.